My Story & How to Contact Me

billy danMy name’s Billy Dan,

I’m a cowboy deep down in my soul but these days I pay the bills with coffee… selling coffee.

I am a big fan of all forms of coffee but I do tend to make espresso, french press, and moka more than just about anything else.

My friends and family know me as the gruff guy that belongs outdoors but works on the computer sipping coffee all day long.

I do get out from time to time though and when I do I take my Espro Ultralight with me.

I don’t really want to sell you on that mug though, there are after all a bunch of alternatives that don’t cost as much which I’ve reviewed here on the site.

You can choose any of them, it’s all cool with me.

If you are not up for shopping right now then head over to my Twitter page to contact me and follow along with the news from this site.

You can’t really message with me over onPinterest but you can follow me and comment on pins as they happen. If you are an avid Pinterest user then hit me up on Pinterest, follow me, I’d welcome that!

In an attempt to legitimize this business in all ways possible I’m also setting up a number of social profiles that I will spend time on from time to time. If you are active in any of them make sure to hit me up. I can’t promise I’ll be active on any of these profiles on a daily basis but I do promise to check in periodically and respond to messages and questions.

For privacy purposes I keep my personal stuff on Twitter on a different account so all Tweets over there have everything to do with this website alone.

I hope you understand!